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this game is really good: interesting concept, unique art style, the music fits the environment perfectly, controls well, multiple endings...
i've got a HUGE complaint though. what's with the flashing images? they make me want to puke, no joke. i understand that it's a visual choice, but when it makes people want to quit the game you should really, REALLY reconsider it.

nothing new... way too short for the message to be powerful. i would enjoy seeing more character development, they just seem... empty. and since the game is all about the plot, that isn't a good thing. at all.
the art was alright. the shades of yellow and blue don't really fit the environment but that's about it for complaints when it comes to it. should have make it less repetitive.

heerr, what. this game is. uhm. well... it's not great, sorry. i can see that it's happy wheels.. -esque, but with cars the movie and weapons. it's a bad idea.

the plot is as bland as it can get. if you didn't include it, this whole thing still wouldn't make sense. the graphics are not good... like, at all. i thought this was something from the early newgrounds age but then i say that it was made in 2013. uh. the music complements the title, in the sense that it's nightmarish. not because it's disturbing, like the ost of a good horror movie; it's because this can give anyone a big headache, it's really bad. probably the worst part of the presentation.

gameplay wise... eh. i think the fact that there's guns makes it a little more original. nothing too special, honestly... the controls are not great either but they aren't awful so that's something, i guess.

sorry, man, but this really isn't a good game.

interesting. a little tricky, but it's a very unique concept with some good puzzles. complaints? the music is extremely repetitive, needs instructions. other than that, i can say that it isn't my cup of tea but it's a good game nonetheless.

now, i'm not big on shooters (mainly because i have epilepsy and they're too overwhelming for me) but this one is very enjoyable. it's very original: the concept, the gameplay, even the art style is something i don't see very often!
however, i can't see myself coming back to it many times because it's still a bit too overwhelming for me, it makes my eyes hurt. it's very tame compared to most shooters so i think that whenever i feel like playing one of them, i'll go for this one.

as much as i love killing abusers of any kind, this was just way too short. newcomers to the series will be disappointed over how simple this is.
however! i really can't wait for root of all evil. keep working hard, dude! i just know the final product will be fantastic.

YES! killing a pedophile is always a great experience. besides, it was quite fun! i love the little devil's design too...
i only discovered the reincarnation series recently and i'm glad about that!

it's cool to make fun of people. making fun of diversity in game characters is kind of a sign that you're a bit of a douche. just sayin'. sorry pal, but i would honestly enjoy playing as someone who is mentally ill like me. y'know. without being the killer.
regardless, the game just isn't fun to play. and it's not funny either. i've seen this sort of, erhm, "humor" (if you can even call it that, it was never funny in the first place) over and over again. this isn't original, funny, enjoyable to play or to even listen to, the music sounds like some bootleg material. oh, and the characters look like they have triangles for faces, which makes me cringe quite a bit. i'm not a big fan of bad pixel art (the gender symbol was made really poorly too but it doesn't bother me as much).
all in all, there is no reason for this game to exist. it's boring, unfunny and a pain to look at and listen to. did you put any effort in this?

it/its... uuhm im schizophrenic and i have did and some other stuff but those are the most important ones i think

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